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Leek Plumbing is a service, sales, and consulting firm specializing in plumbing and plumbing installations. We sell and install service and maintain, and advise on the best solution for all plumbing and heat pump needs. Whether it be a burst geyser, blocked drain, burst pipe, a renovation or wanting to build your house from ground up, we are the licensed and registered plumbers to call!
Residential Plumbing
Burst Pipes, Leak Detection, Block Drains 
Heat Pumps 
New Water Mains 
Water Saving Devices 
Geyser Replacements 
Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations 
General toilet repairs & maintenance
Commercial Plumbing
We look after numerous corporate commercial plumbing installations.​ We design, install and maintain commercial plumbing systems for new and existing offices, factories, chain stores and commercial premises. We can supply and design any type of industrial plumbing system.

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Residential Geyser & Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

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